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Did you know?

Studio Life Without Visual Presentation

Is Sucks

Architecture Students

Do You Know Why?

The Lecturer Is Busy

Most design lecturers have their businesses. They don't usually have time to understand your design just by looking not a proper presentation board. The impression is the key to being noticed.

You Are Busy

The design process takes time. You will be very busy doing the Design process. Need a lot of coffee and brainstorming. Creating Presentation Board is sometimes annoying if we don't have the right workflow. Knowing the right and efficient design-presentation workflow is the key to success.

Digital Presentation Era

Every Student uses google drive, WhatsApp group, or their social media to send and receive data. Digital Presentation Board is a Must. Photoshop, and Sketchup, are already part of the design workflow to communicate the idea.

Technology Is Here

Nowadays, rendering is easy and cheaper, If we don't use the technology, we will stand behind it. Increasing skillset with updated software and technology is a must. Enscape, Twinmotion, Lumion, and many other software are already there to make our lives easier.

3 Pages of Life

Never mind about your 50-100 pages for the Final Exam. The Lecturer will never see 1 by 1. Focus on the First 3 Page, and the rest will be easy.
Make the best impression on the cover, concept board, and rendering. The rest will just compliment if you have an outstanding first 3 Page.

Learning is Free

Nowadays, You can learn anywhere for free. Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, and a Free website and course. We are willing to help you for free on Youtube (Rendergangsta) and Community (BVRS). Let’s unite and learn together.

But if you need extra guidance to make you understand easier. We have something special for you

Designer Correct Workflow

Our Course Receipe List


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